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World's Fairs were the ideal stages where the nation-states and great powers of the late nineteenth- and early-twentieth centuries could display they might. Location, size, and magnificence of the individual pavilions were indicative of their relative worth vis-a-vis other participanting nations. World's Fairs were also the arenas in which socio-political transformations and geo-political ambitions displayed themselves. Therefore, analysis of the world's fairs spaces is useful to investigate the features of a history in its making.

This section analyzes the role of the main Western national and imperial powers such as England, France, and the United States in shaping the world of the Universal Expositions. It discusses the political programs of then-emerging nations, such as Brazil and Hungary. Finally, this section investigates the role played by colonies such as India and the French colonies in the construction of and resistance against the Eurocentric narrative that marked the World Fairs of the Age of Nations and Empires.