Architectural Structure: Monumental Bridge

Name: Monumental Bridge
Alternative Names: Ponte Monumentale
Description: Offering a passage with a bridge over the river was the simplest thing in the world. But the smartest stroke of genius of the three relentless creators of all the buildings of the Exhibition, the Engineers Fenoglio, Molli and Salvadori, was not to simply and easily get the visitors from one bank of the Po to the other. They created a convenient and shaded route in tunnels illuminated by innumerable little windows that open onto the river, and an enjoyable one via the quick transport of the tapis-roulant. The grand bridge, constructed in wood and plaster by Viotti Brothers Co., is 106.5 meters long has 5 arches of 21.3 meters each. Halfway on each abutment there are two bow windows – one for each side – supported by caryatids sculpted by G.B. Alloati. In the middle of each bow window, begin columns by the sculptor Del Santo, with basements holding up Winged Victories by the sculptor Sassi.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: 106.5 meters long
Style: Neoclassical (revival)
People: Plus Alloati, Giovanni Battista
Plus Sassi, Francesco
Postcards: Ponte Monumentale | Monumental Bridge
Fontana Monumentale e Ponte Monumentale | Monumental Fountain and Monumental Bridge
Ponte Monumentale | Monumental Bridge
Ponte Monumentale sul Po | Monumental Bridge on the river Po
Ponte Monumentale sul Po e gran Fontana Monumentale sulla Collina | Monumental Bridge on the river Po
Ponte Monumentale | Monumental Bridge
(No title) Ponte Monumentale | Monumental Bridge and Pavilion of the city of Paris