Rossi, Teofilo

Name: Rossi, Teofilo
Alternative Names: Conte di Montelera
Gender: male
Birth: 27 October 1865 Chieri
Death: 29 December 1927 Torino
Description: Count Teofilo Rossi di Montelera served as Vice-president of the Executive Committee. After earning a degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Turin, Teofilo Rossi divided his interests between business and politics. He was one of the owners of the wine industry Martini & Rossi. He served as mayor of Turin from 1909 to 1917 and Minister of Industry and Trade (1922-23). He was the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin during the organization of the Fair. He was elected as senator of the Kingdom in 1909.
Places: Plus Chieri
Plus Torino
Paintings: Teofilo Rossi_ritratto | Teofilo Rossi_portrait
Photographs: Teofilo Rossi_profilo | Teofilo Rossi_profile
Sculptures: Teofilo Rossi_busto | Teofilo Rossi_bust