Albertini, Giacomo

Name: Albertini, Giacomo
Gender: male
Birth: Arzo, 1847 Arzo
Death: Turin, 1931 Torino
Description: Giacomo Albertini, born in Arzo in 1847, moved to Turin in his youth in order to meet his writer and comedian expectations. After a difficult beginning, he became known for his realistic and sharp novels, such as La venditrice di fumo (The smoke vendor) (1883), Le figlie di Eva (Eva's doughters) (1894) and L’affascinatore (The intriguing) (1900), all serialized in the local newspaper “Gazzetta di Torino” with the alternative name of “Mario Leoni”. Before long, Albertini-Leoni focused his research in theatre, specifically developing the traditional Turinese dialect theatre – in vogue in that moment, and becoming a very renowned playwright. His first play was Bancarotiè (Bankrupt) (1871), followed by – just to cite some of them - Luisa d’Ast, Ij mal marià (1875) and La bèla Gigogin (1911), thanks to which he reached the peak of his success. Then, because of his artistic skills and work, he has been elected “Consigliere Municipale” (Town Councilor) of Turin, “Grande Ufficiale” (Senior Officer) and “Deputato” (Deputy) of the Italian Reign.
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