Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare

Name: Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare
Gender: Male
Birth: 1852 Torino
Death: 1931 Roma
Description: The marquis Cesare Ferrero di Cambiano was an Italian politician and a very active financier. As politician, he assumed many times the role of deputy, he was under-secretary of the Finances (1899-1900) and of Public Work (1906); he also was an Italian senator (since 1914) and State minister (since 1924). As financier, he promoted the development of the national saving banks and he was the general director of the Turin Saving Bank (1906-1919). Also, he established and directed the National Association and the Credit Institute of the Italian Saving Banks.
Places: Plus Torino
Plus Roma
Photographs: Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare_ritratto | Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare_portrait