Molli, Stefano

Name: Molli, Stefano
Gender: Male
Birth: 1858 Borgomanero
Death: 1917 Torino
Description: Graduated in Engineering at School of Arts Applied for Engineers of Turin in 1882, he successively completed his education in Rome at Albertina Academy. As employ of the architect Count Ceppi, he designed several projects: for instance, the building Ceriana and Church of Mary's Heart in Turin. From this moment, he participated in several architectural projects: he took charge of the pavilions for the Exposition of Religious Art (1898); he designed the building of the Turinese Printing Union; the reconstruction of Barengo Castle and the Cemetery of Borgomanero (Novara). In addition to the Fair of 1911, he joined the architect Salvadori in the design of the new Turinese Polytechnic in Valentino Park. During the first years of the First World War, Molli started the Association of Aid and Emergency for War Mutilates and was the president of the House-School of Education in Turin.
Places: Plus Borgomanero
Plus Torino
Photographs: Molli, Stefano_ritratto | Molli, Stefano_portrait