Bongi, Orsino

Name: Bongi, Orsino
Gender: Male
Birth: 1875 Firenze
Death: 1921 Milano
Description: Orsino Bongi is from a noble Tuscan family (probably from Lucca), but he has been particularly active in Milan. During his architectural career, he has been one of the most important interpreter of Italian Art Nouveau in Tuscany and in Lombardy. Here, he participated to the International Exposition of Milan in 1906 with the design of the Pavilion of French Decorative Arts. In addition to the Exposition of 1906, he was active in many other expositions, such as the "Torricelliana" in 1903, and the Turin Exposition of 1911 for which he designed the Pavilion of the Royal Monopolies.
Structures: Plus Pavilion of the Royal Monopolies (Tobacco)
Places: Plus Milano
Plus Firenze
Prints: Bongi, Orsino_stemma nobiliare | Bongi, Orsino_coat of arms