Chevalley, Giovanni

Name: Chevalley, Giovanni
Gender: Male
Birth: 1868 Siena
Death: 1951 Torino
Description: Giovanni Chevalley was a very famous architect of the turning of the 20th century, who worked in Tuscany and mainly in Turin. He was born in Siena, but he graduated in Civil Engineering from the School of Arts Applied for Engineers in Turin (1891). After the degree, he entered the architectural studio of the Count Carlo Ceppi and worked for him for five years. Successively, he began his brilliant career and he was known also for being a passionate collector of ancient objects, paintingsm ceramics and furniture. He designed several projects, regarding both private and public buildings: for instance, the private villas Marsaglia, Parea and Gallina, and the restoration of the Italian Central Bank building. Furthermore, he designed with the architect Vittorio Morelli di Popolo the Alpine Village (founded by the Italian Touring Club) for the Exposition of Turin in 1911.Finally, in addition to his primary job of architect and professor, he also dedicated himself to public administration: he was councillor of the Association of Engineers, secretary of the School for War Mutilates, and President of the Society Friends of the Stupinigi Museum in Turin.
Structures: Plus Alpine Village of the Italian Alpine Club
Places: Plus Torino
Plus Siena
Prints: Rassegna Tecnica_1951 | Technical Report_1951
Chevalley, Giovanni_ritratto | Chevalley, Giovanni_portrait