Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine

Name: Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine
Gender: Male
Birth: 1840
Death: 1920
Description: Joseph-Antoine Bouvard has been a French architect, trained with Constant Defeux, whom assisted in many public projects, such as the building of the Law School in Paris and the Palace of Luxembourg. He immediately became very famous as city architect, due of the projects involving the Theatre Lyrique and the church of Saint Lawrence. Furthermore, he also built the railway stations of Saint Etienne and Marseilles. Finally, he was particularly active in many International Expositions of the period: he designed the Pavilion of the City of Paris for the Exposition of 1878, the huge and central dome of the Exposition of 1899; he took a central role in the organization of the Exposition of 1900 and designed the beautiful Pavilion of Paris featuring Neoclassical style, for the Exposition of 1911.
Structures: Plus Pavilion of the City of Paris
Photographs: Bouvard, Joseph Antoine_ritratto | Bouvard, Joseph Antoine _portrait