Tamagno, Mario

Name: Tamagno, Mario
Gender: male
Description: MarioTamagno collaborated with another Itaiian architect, Annibale Rigotti, to create important buildings in Bangkok. Tamagno and Rigotti Tarrived in Bangkok at the turn of the 20th century during the reign of King Rama V. The King had decided to build a new palace complex in Dusit Garden. In 1907, Rigotti and Tamagno designed the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall in the Royal Plaza, a spectacular domed structure completed in 1915. Tamagno also bulit the Suan Kularb Residential Hall and Throne Hall in Dusit Garden, the Hua Lampong Railway Station in 1910-12. In 1913 King Rama VI (1910 – 1925) enreusted Tamagno and Rigotti with the rebuilding of the Santa Cruz Church. The Portuguese church was first built in 1770 and rebuilt in 1835. Tamagno also contributed to building the Neilson Hayes Library in Surawongse Road.
Structures: Plus Pavilion of Siam
Places: Plus Torino
Photographs: Tamagno, Mario
Tamagno, Mario 2