Ceragioli, Giorgio

Name: Ceragioli, Giorgio
Gender: Male
Birth: 1861 Porto Santo Stefano
Death: 1947 Torino
Description: Giorgio Ceragioli was a well known sculpture, designer, painter, and one of the founders (Leonardo Bistolfi, Davide Calandra, Enrico Reycend and Enrico Thovez) of "L'arte decorativa moderna" (1902), an important journal devoted to decorative arts. After the completion of his apprenticeship in Florence with the artist Ulisse Campi, he moved toTurin and worked with Augusto Ferri, a set designer and painter very active in Piemonte. In that city he also became a popular painter, mainly exhibiting his artworks in the local "Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti " (Fine Arts' Promotion Society). During the years around 1900 he was very active in the field of decorative arts realizing murals and bas-reliefs. In occasion of Turin 1911, three sketches of him have been used as models for three large paintings to be located in the Pavilion of Fashion.
Structures: Plus Palace of Fashion
Places: Plus Porto Santo Stefano
Plus Torino