Guerzoni, Giovanni

Name: Guerzoni, Giovanni
Gender: Male
Birth: 1876 Modena
Death: 1948 San Remo
Description: While considering the use of light and the softness of traits, we suppose Giovanni Guerzoni, born in Modena - region Emilia Romagna, is the author of this guache. After a brief period (1889-1893) spent in Argentina with the painter Geminiano Levoni, Guerzoni worked closely to the painter Andrea Becchi towards the realization of various frescos in Correggio. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (1894-1897), he moved to Milan where he started and run his own studio from 1897-1920. Nationally known for his Art Nouveau guaches (most of them have been reproduced as postcards ), he mainly painted female figures, flowers, angels, but also views of the cities of Milan, Turin and Rome. (reference: Comanducci 1962; Silingardi - Barbieri 1996, vol. 10, p.96.)
Places: Plus Modena
Plus San Remo
Postcards: Padiglione dell'Ungheria | Pavilion of Hungary
(No title) Ponte Monumentale | Monumental Bridge and Pavilion of the city of Paris