Györgyi, Dénes

Name: Györgyi, Dénes
Gender: Male
Birth: 1886
Death: 1962
Description: Dénes Györgyi (1886-1962) was an Hungarian architect and exponent of Hungarian National Romanticism style. In 1907, he founded with Karoli Kos the Young Ones group. The group encompassed different elements in their projects: taking inspiration from the New Gothic language of Morris and Ruskin, they explicitly related to the Hungarian Medieval traditions and folk spirit.In 1910, he worked with Karoli Kos in the construction of the Varosmajor Elementary School in Budapest, which included a daycare center, a school, and a pre-school. After Turin 1911, participated in several other international expositions and created pavilions for the exhibitions in Barcelona (1929), Bruxelles (1935), and Paris (1937).
Structures: Plus Pavilion of Hungary
Photographs: Dénes Györgyi _ portrait